Emlyon invests in the London Interdisciplinary School

We had the pleasure of recently getting to know the London Interdisciplinary School (LIS), delivering commercial support work as part of the recent investment by emlyon business school and Galileo Global Education. LIS is particularly interesting as a highly innovative, start-up higher education institution with a unique offering based around the concept of interdisciplinarity, the rationale being that in an increasingly complex world, employers and societies need people who can combine knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines and approach issues from different perspectives. Students focus on real-world problems (such as AI & ethics, sustainability, inequality.. ) and are taught to use an interdisciplinary approach to solving these, in a programme which combines disciplines from the arts, sciences and social sciences. LIS presents an exciting alternative to traditional universities and their disciplinary programmes and is part of a growing trend towards more combined, multidisciplinary and thematic-type university degrees. We really enjoyed meeting the LIS team and holding workshop sessions with students and we will be keeping a close eye on any future developments!