Legal & Privacy

EDACTO understands the importance of privacy to all clients and visitors to the website

The EDACTO privacy policy

In summary the EDACTO privacy policy states;

  • Only personal information that is needed will be requested
  • EDACTO make it clear what information is recorded
  • And EDACTO respects any request to change, suppress or delete any personal information

What we know about you

As you visit this website, the web server automatically records some general information. This includes:

  • Server address
  • Date and time
  • Duration of visit
  • Pages accessed and documents downloaded
  • Referral or previous site
  • The type of browser used
  • And only personal information provided voluntarily is recorded.

EDACTO does not use tracking cookies and only uses per-session cookies to improve your browsing experience.

Tracking information is information that is collected about every visitor to the Site, and is automatically gathered using “cookies”. A “cookie” is a computer (text) file that is sent to a visitor’s Web browser, by a Web server, in order to remember certain information. Per-session cookies are used on the Site to store information within a session. Per-session cookies are cached (stored in memory) and are only available while you are on the Site. They do not permanently record data and are not stored on your computer’s hard drive. If per-session cookies were not used, moving around the web site would be a much slower process.

Your email address

Email addresses are only recorded if contact-us messages, requests-for-demos or further information are sent directly to us. 

How EDACTO uses the information collected

Information is used to further develop the content of this website by analysing what pages people visit, specific content downloads and time spent.  Updates, marketing or knowledge sharing communications are also why more detailed information is collected as part of any promotional surveys, research programmes or client requests.

EDACTO store all data, including personal information, in a secure format and operate a suppression policy for all media opt-outs and opt-ins.  Data will not be provided to third-parties without first receiving consent.

To opt-out of any marketing or knowledge sharing communications from EDACTO, please communicate via the contact form

Your rights

The UK Data Protection Act 1998 gives you the right to access the personal data that EDACTO holds and processes on you. You are entitled to stop the data processing if it causes unwarranted and substantial damage or distress and to request that inaccurate / incorrect information be rectified.

For further information regarding these rights please contact the Marketing Director, EDACTO, 7 rue Lallier, Paris, 75009, France.